Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stewey and EZ. Good to see Curtis again, been a long time.

Crystal and EZ drove up from Georgia

Strider rode in this afternoon. Snapping up the ginger snaps

Sitting around Friday afternoon

Derrick, owner of the Apple Cover Inn, has this guard dog. He was robbed last winter, and the dog probably came up to the burglar for some petting...........

Small group talk.

Gale has some kind of belts in self defense. She is also a very active exerciser, and is now on some kind of special diet. I think she could probably kick some serious butt if she wanted to!

Wompus holding down a rocking chair.

Six Pack Jack, resting after a hard day of resting. :-)

Wrong Turn and Stewey.

Put your feet down Don!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Stewey's new Wing. It's pretty hard to see in traffic. The yellow one next to it is Jack's. I counted 9 Gold Wings in the parking lot last night!

Thursday night at the Apple Cover Inn. Blondy is getting into the party mood!

Remember, if you want, you can click on any picture to make it larger with more detail. I'll just breeze through these and add captions later to most of them. Too slow a connection here.

Pappy and his younger brother! I like this picture!

Randy, Daley, and Jim.

Willie Wonka and the Lovely Carlene ride in petty late. Road weary, but lookin' good!

Gale and Tina holding down the registration table.

Blue eyes Mikey.

Bob Kane (Red Rover) is recovering from a small accident in the parking lot tonight. He has a sore foot, but seems to be reasonable OK :-)

Inside KT's Jeep. Jim feels more at home coming to the rally. He makes motorcycle noises while Katie drives.

Katie and her daughter Rachel.

VSP is visiting with VTP Brian. Brian is still on active duty in the Coast Guard. We have had much the same background, and have mutual friends..even though I was retired about the time he joined the service. It was nice talking with him!

The outside visiting area at the Apple Cover Inn.

Kudzu in his "boy scout" pants! What a guy!

Still pretty warm out at 10 PM. The ladies are selling tickets for Saturday night's raffle.

Friday Morning at the Country Vitals. Skid and Sandy, Willy and Carlene.

Jim and Katie deciding what to eat.

Hmmmm, lets see, do they still have Liver Mush here???

The City of Maggie Valley has flags hanging all along the main street with pictures of this lady on them. She walks the streets waving, greeting, and answering questions.

Don's chipped beef and toast for breakfast.

Last Liver mush breakfast..It was excellent!

This is Mark's breakfast. (Cheap B. or Mr. Clean)

Kudzu jumps on the liver mush too. A man of good taste!

Carlene and Willy, Skid and Sandy, getting ready to hit the road for a days riding.

Same waitress in the "Vittals" that was here in 2006 when I was here last time.

Jim and Katie. A fine looking couple.

KT checking out Mr. Clean's hair doo.

What are they looking at?

They are watching "Wrong Turn" getting ready to ride out in the Jeep.....

The little Swiss Miss"

Getting ready to hold down the chairs on a fine Friday.

Started Thursday morning at this place, just a few blocks down from the Apple Cover Inn. A good place to eat.

Liver mush! Liver that has been beat up in a blender, then mixed with corn meal. It's then rolled out onto baking sheets and cooked. It's fried up crisp just before serving. It's the meat dish with breakfast.

Don, KT, Sandy, Skid, Stewey, Mary, and Jim.

Stewey and Mary, and Jim (wrong turn)

KT with her nice Nikon, Sandy and Skid.

Smoky Mountain mist over Maggie Valley.

A photo of the photo tower.

Inside a gift shop. this large dog worked the counter there.

Kudzu's favorite Jelly

Something left over by Popcorn Sutton.

Frog and tow jam....

A theme park near the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

We saw a sign for a Hot Spot, and headed there to check out mail. Turned out to be a gas station!

Restaurant on Hwy 19

Snack time!

Don in Stecoah, NC. We stopped to visit Mo at the Kick Stand Lodge.

Mo has finsihed feeding the breakfast crowd, and is starting on the next meal. She's expecting about 50 bikes to be here for this weekend.

Must have been quite a party last night!

Mo at work in her outside kitchen.

Lots of good meals have come from this place

Looks like an overnight visitor having a snack

The grounds look good. Mo said she was going to be spending the day on the riding mower.

Fresh veggies Mo will be using today.

Tree of Shame. Deals gap. Many years of many bike accidents. Parts and pieces go Waaaay up into the tree.

Famous place to have your picture taken.

Start of the Dragon

Tee shirts in the store.

Lots of clothes to choose from here.

Our only purchases were a diet Mountain Dew each.

Sport bike inside the store.


A noisy place. Some of these crotch rockets sound like they are ready to blast off at any time!

There were a couple of brave dogs that roam around the area.

More and more Gold Wings show up here to ride the Dragon.

The pin striping on this bike was done by TJ and the boss. Pat and I know them well, we works rallies together for several years. I recognized his work right away, and found his tiny signature line on the fairing.

Tina and Jax are working the registration table while Skid checks in.

Tina, Pappy, Stewey, Mary and Mark

Phin's back

Ken and Don

Pappy and Mark..He looks like Mr. Clean

Dinner at Smacker's

Blondy and Gale.

Gale has angel wings!

Stonewall and Mary

I'm doing this in the dark now, with a slow connection from outside out little "House in the Hills". I'm not going to try and add names to most of these for a while, I'll get it caught up on the way home....

Sandra Lynn Robinson

Skid, Badger and Lucky Al

Waiting for their food.

Are they having a good time? :-)

Dueling cameras

Hey Ref!

Sandy, Jax, Gale and Mark

Kudzu slid in. I didn't even know he was here until I saw this picture.

Far North East in the South East.


Parking lot at Smackers

Lost, Ol' Phart Joe, Skid, and Stonewall

Rachel (KT's daughter) Arrived just in time for dinner

Firewood for sale in Maggie Valley

Tina and Gale work hard doing registration and answering questions

Six Pack Jack isn't really playing footsy with KT. As a real doctor, he's checking out the damage from the wreck.

Randy Fitch, with his daughter Megan, and her friend Sarah. They bailed me out of having to pay for a room I didn't need. Worked for them and me too! Thanks, Guys!

Bob and Blondy

Harley Parking Only

Cheapie, Wrong turn and KT.

Stonewall is happy to be out of Canada so he can get some good US lite beer!

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