Friday, May 14, 2010

VSP and Moon. He had a fender for a VN750 to get to another vroc person. (Rook) in Conway, Arkansas. Moon met us at an Exit off I-40 to pick it up for him. She's the "hostess with the mostest" at the Eureka Springs Fall Rally, and she does a fine job of organizing it.

Don's Sweet potato fries and good ribs. This place was next to the Saturday night motel in Checotah, OK, USA

Our Sunday morning breakfast place in Henryetta, OK

I went light on the buffet. This was a good breakfast

Wind mills in the Texas panhandle

Sky over New Mexico.
Maggie from Maggie Valley. She's very popular around here

Stonewall watches while Jax and Blondy are selling tickets for the meal and the raffle. Tina is busy at work at the table again. She really helps a lot at the rally.

Red Rover's foot is much better today. Glad his crash of last night wasn't worse.

Gathering in out of the rain. Thunder and lightning and heavy rain attacks the Rally in the Valley.

Bob, Jim, KT and T-Bone getting out of the rain.

Montaine came in this afternoon.

The rain makes everyone head for cover any where they can find it.

Kudzu looks quite cheerful!

It was good to see Talon again!

Don is entertaining his new girl friend!

Rain pouring off the roof at the Applecover Inn.

Stonewall doesn't usually have to look up to many people, but when Brian is around, Gord has to look up! Brian is my new Coast Guard buddy. It was fun talking "shop" with him, it's been a long time since I've visited with someone still on active duty. We have a very similar background, but Brian has enough time left to go a little farther up the ladder. Glad I met here here. VROC is a bunch of great people!

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