Sunday, May 9, 2010

We stayed in a nice Days Inn, Van Horn, Texas last night. This was the shape of the waffles on their breakfast. Even had egg beaters all cooked up. Don ate the waffle, he said it was good.

The meats were sparse today. We arrived at 1:30 PM, and the serving pit hadn't been restocked very well. Don wanted goat ribs, the only ones left were crispy critters. His beef rib was crusty and on the outside, and had lots of fat in it. My pork ribs were tough and not as done as I like. First time I've been disappointed here.

Two pork ribs, one beef rib and one small corn. The beans are free. I had nothing to drink. This meal you see here, and that was everything, cost $21.12. And, the meat wasn't all that good today. I think I just had my last meal at Coopers BBQ.

Don's meal. $25 worth of meat. He couldn't eat all of the beef rib, it was too done, and he couldn't chew the crusty stuff up. And the pork ribs were too tough to eat.

After all the hype I'd been talking about, and driving a few hundred miles out of our way to eat here, it was pretty disappointing, and embarrassing for me.

The money changer in Cooper's.

This sign has warmed my heart many times. Not today. Anyway, all is well. On to new adventures tomorrow.

I can't believe this is only the second day of the trip! We've covered a lot of ground, and lost two hours in time zones today. Please don't forget you can click on a picture if you want to see it larger with more detail

Sunday, May 9, 2010. El Guero Canelo just South of Tucson. EXCELLENT Mexican food! Don picked another winner. We stopped here for lunch.

Sherm ordering his "brunch". There are several different parts to this place. Looks like a few portable food vending trailers were sort of put together and made permanent. It's al nice and clean, and very interesting.

Don's partially eaten Sonora Hot Dog. A weiner wrapped in bacon, then deep fried. Place on a fresh warm torta bun, lined with a bed of beans, then peppers, salsa, mushrooms, onions, cheese and other stuff make it up. Very tasty!

This was my combination breakfast and lunch. Before going to the condiment bar to load it up :-)

The Silver metal structure was part of an old "Roach Coach". It's now used to cook the Sonora Dogs.

The Menu.

Don thinks the Silver thing was part of a carnival ride or something. Whatever, it works well for what it's doing now.

My Sonora Hot Dog.

Items from the condiment bar. There was also shredded cheese which I passed on.

A part of the free extras.

A happy mother. This lady was there with her very nice husband and well behaved boys. They were all having Menudo for lunch, with all the trimmings. They were nice to talk to. It was good to see such a happy family!

I think this is the owner, and someone that was helping him interpret

The owner stayed busy bringing out food to the condiment inserts, picking up empty plates, and schmoozing the customers. A perfect gentleman!

The owner by one of his vehicles.

A couple blocks from the restaurant, I spotted a lady and her two daughters selling these puppies. 7 weeks old today, and the sweetest little things you ever saw!

Both mothers. Of the little girls helping her, and the little Chihuahua is the mother of the 4 puppies.

The little female is the runt of the litter. She's the one that stole my heart. If we could have another dog, this would be the one! She's going to be tiny, but is very sweet. I didn't want to leave them...Price was $150, pretty reasonable I thought.

Gray skies just West of the El Paso City Limits. We stopped at a Flying J at exit 0 in Texas to fill up for the last let on to Van Horn for the night. Little over 700 miles today.

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