Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lucky Al just rode in from the North East.

Derrick and Bubz.

Al took his coat off and got a nice lei at the Apple Cover Inn.
We stopped at this Farm stand, interesting place.

Vegetables and flowers for planting.

Just like Mexico but more expensive :-)

These chickens provide eggs for the cook at the Apple Cover Inn.

A fun place to visit!

Place to eat in Waynesville.

Skid using sign language.

Tbone, Derrick (Apple Cover owner) Stewey and his wife, Mary.

Don (VSP), Skid, and Stonewall.

Don and Wompus.

Stewey and Mary.

Sandy and Skid. Christmas time in Maggie Valley.:-)

Don and Stewey checking out the rockers.

Don found a comfortable place.

Stonewall, Mary, Stewey, Skid, Sandy, and Mary.

TBone and Wompus

Derrick's beautiful Road Glide.

Wompus and Sherm checking out the WiFi at the Apple Cover, the Kaw Pasture for South East VROC.

TBone from Agusta, Georgia

Derrick getting his bike ready to lead a ride to Lake Lure tomorrow.

Joe Paradise (Badger) just rode in on his new Voyager.

Boiled peanuts are popular in the South.

There are stands along the roads. People come in and buy their sack or bucket full.

Nice produce at the Farm market.

Fried pies. They had regular baked ones too!

The entry to the Rest Rooms.

Yummy fresh strawberried.

This place was fun to visit. I lost a whole bunch of pictures today due to copying over some files, so that's all for today!

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